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Symptoms of ADD/ADHD

Symptoms of ADD/ADHD in children and adolescents include but are not limited to fidgeting; not remaining seated when expected to do so; running or climbing excessively when such behavior is considered inappropriate; difficulty engaging in quiet activities; being in a constant state of motion; being excessively talkative; blurting answers prematurely; experiencing difficulty waiting one’s turn; and making frequent interruptions or intrusions on others.

Treating ADD/ADHD

At Living Rationally, Inc. we test and treat ages 13 years old and above.  We use the Clinical Assessment of Attention Deficit-Child (CAt-C) to diagnose adolescents and the Clinical Assessment of Attention Deficit-Adult (CAt-A) to diagnose adults.

Treatment for ADD/ADHD can be with one of the following or a combination of all of these if necessary.

  • Behavior Modification
  • Neurofeedback
  • Meditation

Dr. Harry Steinmeyer is knowledgeable and well versed in these treatment modalities.  He works with Dr. Alicia Baldwin if medication is needed.

Understanding ADD/ADHD

Studies have shown that between 30-80% of children with ADHD continue to have full or residual symptoms of the disorder into adulthood.  As with behavioral problems experienced by children and adolescents with ADHD, adults with ADD/ADHD have been shown to have more difficulty completing tasks, making careless mistakes and getting along with coworkers and supervisors than their peers without ADD/ADHD.  Thus, they are more likely to quit or be laid off from jobs than their non-ADD/ADHD peers.

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