Reach for New Heights

Personal or Executive Coaching Services

Dr. Harry Steinmeyer is a Psy.D., Board Certified, LCSW and a Personal Coach. With over 20 years of experience successfully helping several hundred clients improve their personal and professional lives by serving as their personal, lifestyle, and executive coach, counselor or therapist.

Whether you are looking for a coach because of challenges in the workplace or personal growth to enhance your quality of life, a coach can be a mentor, sounding board, advisor and a source of information.

Dr. Steinmeyer is  objective, and believes that individuals are creative, resourceful and whole. Individuals who hire coaches often look for balance in their lives and a lifestyle that incorporates work, pleasure and family. They also look for increased enthusiasm and motivation in their work.

A Personal Coach Can Help You:

  • Live Life to Its Fullest Potential
  • Reach Professional Goals
  • Improve Interpersonal Relationships
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Decrease Procrastination of goals and dreams.
  • Handle problems and issues with more confidence and less stress.
  • Obtain a deeper level of understanding about your purpose in life.
  • Improve bottom line

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