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Addiction Treatment Program

Drug treatment programs vary widely, so it’s only natural to wonder what you can expect if you turn to Living Rationally for assistance in dealing with an addiction to alcohol, heroin, opiates, oxycodone or some other substance.

  • We are a family-run practice offering outpatient care and 24/7 support.
  • We always take an intensive, personal approach to patient care.
  • We’ll work with you to pinpoint the root causes of your addiction issues and develop a customized treatment plan to help you move toward a healthier, drug-free future.

Our Approach to Addiction

At Living Rationally, we are firmly committed to providing a high-quality addiction treatment program. To achieve this, we work diligently to:

  • Support patients in their efforts to achieve and maintain abstinence
  • Identify and address the underlying reasons for each patient’s substance abuse
  • Educate patients about effective problem-solving skills and coping strategies
  • Encourage patients to embrace structure, discipline and positive lifestyle changes
  • Assist patients as they build a strong support network

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

With intensive outpatient treatment, a person struggling with an addiction has the opportunity to develop the skills and tools needed for recovery without leaving their community. While several hours each week will be devoted to treatment, these sessions can be scheduled around the patient’s  personal and professional responsibilities.  This allows patients to continue living in their homes, work, attend school, visit friends and care for their families while getting help.

What to Expect

At Living Rationally, we recognize that everyone’s journey towards recovery will be a little different. That’s why we treat every patient as an individual and develop a personalized treatment plan suited to their unique situation. However, most treatment plans will include certain components.

Outpatient Treatment Assessment

The journey toward recovery starts with an assessment.

  • Are you committed to achieving and maintaining a drug-free lifestyle?
  • Is our intensive outpatient treatment the right option for you?
  • Are you are in need of a medically supervised drug detox to clear the problem substance from your system?
We’ll evaluate your situation and provide counseling about various treatment options.


Pharmacotherapy is the use of pharmaceutical medications to treat disease, and it can be useful in drug addiction treatment. When appropriate, medications like Suboxone can be utilized to address specific aspects of drug addiction, providing helpful support as the patient works to make the necessary lifestyle changes.


In additional to medical management for addictions, psychotherapy sessions are available which are handled concurrently.  Counseling sessions allow patients to explore the underlying causes of their addiction, the problems the issue has caused, and their efforts to achieve and maintain a lifestyle that doesn’t include substance abuse. These psychotherapy sessions are often a mixture of individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy.


Finally, educational sessions help patients to explore the way thoughts, emotions and behaviors impact their recovery efforts and provide opportunities to learn new problem-solving skills and coping mechanisms. Relapse prevention is a major focus of intensive outpatient treatment.  Our goal is to equip patients with the tool to succeed and claim victory over their addictions.

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