Our Process


Marijuana / Cannabis


1.  Get Medical Records/Letter from Your Doctor –  Please print either the Referring Doctor Letter OR the Release Of Health Information.

If you choose the Referring Doctor Letter, have your doctor(s) fill in the blanks, copy onto their letter head and  sign where indicated. This can be a quicker method than getting your medical records sent to us.  The letter can then be faxed, emailed, or mailed via U.S. postal service to us.  You can also hand deliver the documents to us. 

Or, if you choose the Release of Health Information, please fill in the blanks, sign and have a witness sign the form, too.  Then give to your doctor(s). We would need the last year of records but only the notes with diagnosis(es) documented.  They can fax, email, mail via U.S. postal service to us, or you can hand deliver the documents.

2. Make an appointment. You will see Dr. Baldwin and she will do a history and physical, review your medical records and add you to the Compassionate Use Registry.  When this is done we will give you your Patient ID number.

3.  Apply for State ID card. After our doctor adds you to the Compassionate Use Registry, the State will send two emails: One with your User ID, which will be the email address you gave us to enter you into the Registry, and the second email will be a temporary password.  Follow the instructions on the screen and apply for your ID.  The fee for the card is $75. There is an additional $2.75 charge to use your credit card as payment. You can also mail a payment to the Department Of Health. Patients cannot purchase marijuana / cannabis products from dispensaries until the State begins to process the ID application.

4. Order will be placed in Compassionate Use Registry. Our doctor issues a medical order for qualified patients* with a customized pharmaceutical order. The State requires the doctor to reevaluate patients after a maximum of 7 months.

5.  Fill medical order with a Dispensary. After you get your email with your temporary card (this usually takes about 2 weeks), you can fill all or part of the order at any legal Florida marijuana dispensary. Please remember to take a printout of the email with you.  Your permanent card should arrive in the mail in about 4 weeks. The dispensary will look you up by patient number and view your active medical order. Patients can purchase the products of their choice, within the type (CBD / THC), amount (in milligrams), and delivery method into body (oral, inhalation, etc.). Some dispensaries have brick and mortar storefronts.  Many dispensaries also deliver statewide.

*Qualified Patients must meet all legal and medical criteria to be eligible for a medical marijuana Recommendation, as described by the State of Florida and diagnosed and documented by the treating physician. Not all patients will qualify for a marijuana / cannabis Recommendation. Living Rationally, Inc.’s protocol is subject to change based on Florida law and currently recommended medical practices.