Understanding & Overcoming


Dr. Harry Steinmeyer of Living Rationally uses experience and education in the field of Psychology to help people over come the barriers of problems and issues that stand in the way of happiness and success. Treatment is designed to meet the needs of the individual and the specific problems they face. With personalized attention and professional quality clients achieve their goals and dreams ultimately finding balance in their lives.

Do you suffer from anxiety?

Answer these questions to identify anxiety problems:

  • Do you experience sudden racing of the heart, difficulty catching your breath, sweating, dizziness, and lightheadedness?
  • Have you visited an emergency room or doctor in the last six months, fearing a heart attack but, upon medical examination, no problem was found?
  • Do you suddenly fear for no apparent reason that something terrible might happen?
Eating Disorders

Signs that you may need help:

  • Do you feel fat?
  • Do you weigh yourself every day?
  • Do you feel depressed, or out of control?
  • Are you obsessed with losing weight?
  • Do you hide what you eat?
  • Have you ever purged?
  • Do you force yourself to vomit after overeating?

Are you afraid of:

  • Being humiliated or embarrassed?
  • Leaving your house?
  • Speaking in front of people?
  • Driving your car on highways?
  • Losing control?
  • Terrorist Attacks?
  • Flying?

You may need help if you feel:

  • Do you feel awful most of the day?
  • Have you lost interest in the things that you used to enjoy?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping?
  • Do you have trouble motivating yourself to do things?
  • Are you losing weight without dieting?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating at work?
  • Have you been hard on yourself lately?
  • Do you have frequent thoughts of death?
Marital Issues

You may need help if you feel:

  • You and your partner rarely talk anymore. When you do talk, you fight.
  • You feel that your partner does not understand you
  • You may feel hurt, angry, tense or jealous
  • Is there a difference in child-rearing
  • Do you argue about parents and in-laws
  • Do you agree on household finances
  • Do you suspect your spouse is having an affair
Poor Self-Image

Signs that you may need help:

  • Do you put yourself down?
  • Are you unhappy with your looks?
  • Do you believe you’ll never be good enough?
  • Do you avoid looking into a mirror or stepping on a scale?
  • Do you feel ugly, fat, or dissatisfied with your appearance?
  • Are you avoiding relationships because of how you look or feel?

You may need help if you feel:

  • Overwhelmed or keyed up or on edge
  • Muscle tension
  • Undervalued and unappreciated
  • Worried all the time
  • Are you losing sleep?
  • Are you thinking about your job on weekends?

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